Sunday, February 26, 2012

Projects Innumerable

So, I just finished working on a show that took place in 1930s Ireland. Crochet was, of course, totally necessary. I created hats, scarves, and lovely lace collars, all to fit the mood perfectly. Unfortunately, the patterns for the collars were not original- they can be found in the wonderful book Crocheting in Plain English- but I did add a few of my own alterations. To make a collar, take a "complete as you go" pattern, repeat until it is half as long as necessary, tie off, and then repeat on the opposite side of the foundation chain. If you wish, make the inner edge solid double crochet instead of a block pattern. I used a bedspread-weight cotton for one collar and a lace weight wool for the other. The hats and scarf were very, very, very ugly. They were a lesson in why crochet has a bad name.

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